Charcoal & Pencil


Drawing in Charcoal & Pencil can give your ego a boost.  You get a little guidance, and a little practice in, and all of a sudden, your lines start to look and feel like something real!  And it really takes only a little practice. 

This class will cover Charcoal drawing, Pencil drawing & will briefly cover drawing in Colored Pencil, if the student wishes.

Charcoal & Pencil- Five 1.5 Hour Classes, $125

• For the first class, the basics of Charcoal & Pencil usage will be covered.  If necessary, I will also give some basic Art instruction.

• The second class will include more practical instruction in Charcoal & Pencil as you work on a project using your new tools.

• In our third class, we will continue on with another new project and more instruction in Charcoal & Pencil drawing.

• Once again, in the fourth class, we will be working on another project, and I will be teaching new skills and techniques.

• In the fifth class, we will be doing a special project, with continued instruction. 


Supplies Needed:

2 Rulers; one short, one 12”

Vine Charcoal, Peel & Sketch Charcoal Pencil

White Charcoal Pencil

Pencils: 2H, HB, 2B 4B, 8B

No. 6 Stump

Kneaded Eraser

Drawing Pad

Newsprint Pad

Mechanical Pencil

Mechanical Eraser



All images are copyright Kerstin Waglé, 2011.  Do not use without permission.


Charcoal & Pencil Class